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We can supply materials in all sizes including special shapes   Anchor Applications In Construction There are several applications of anchors in construction, including:   1. Anchor as a connector for steel beams to concrete slabs in buildings building. 2. Anchor as a connector for concrete slab steel columns in buildings building. 3. Anchor as a connector for the concrete canopy profile in the building building. 4. Anchor as a support link for the precast facade bracket. 5. Anchor as a support for the curtainwall facade bracket. 6. Anchor as a liaison for the AC holder in the building building. 7. Anchor as a connecting pipe hanger, cable-tray, ducting etc. on building . 8. Anchor as a support link between steel and concrete profiles on edge of the bridge or basement. 9. Anchor as a connecting elevator/lift bracket to the separator beam or in shearwall buildings.

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